Singer-songwriter, music producer, and poet Nic Masangkay came of age in the mid-2000s, crooning along to anything that resonated: from Usher and Alicia Keys’ “My Boo” to Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” Masangkay was drawn to songs that allowed their pre-teen, closeted self to embody their truth. Years later, now openly queer and trans, they synthesize their eclectic inspiration and lived experience into a multidisciplinary arts perspective. Pop, electronic, R&B, soul, punk, alternative, hip-hop, and spoken word are all genres echoed throughout Masangkay’s sound and performance. The unifying result: fierce and captivating art that is creative as it is authentic.


IMAGE: Photography by Bryan Garcia @bryboom. Styling by @glamburgerfashion. Hair by Luci Powers. Nic wears a fuchsia, teal, orange, black, and green islander shirt unbuttoned to the middle of their chest. They wear a gold choker chain and longer pearl necklace. They sit in front of an orange door with graffiti.

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