Announcing the WITH ALL MY GENDER Collection in collaboration with Concuss Creations!


PRE-ORDERS OPEN UNTIL 5/15. VISIT WWW.TINYURL.COM/NICGENDER. Image descriptions are in the pre-order link.


These shirt designs are about stepping into the power of my gender as a trans, non-binary, sick and disabled, Filipinx survivor. I wanted to offer that empowerment to my supporters with the slip of a shirt -- ready to augment your own personal gender and style!

Design One features a front logo by the phenomenal @jessicafoxblood with the last lines of my poem “My Gender Is for Mothers” printed on the back.


Design Two features a front graphic I collaged by manipulating elements of diaspora and entrapment to ultimately find agency and erotic power.


Let me know what you think, please spread the word, and hope everyone is taking care as they quarantine!


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