After a medication overdose, our protagonist lays unconscious at a Seattle hospital. Piecing together their past via music, film, spoken word poetry, and special guest performances, we retrace what led Them to suicide - perhaps They aren’t the true killer.  Find out if They live to tell Their own story.

In DARK AT DUSK, poet, singer-songwriter, and music producer Nic Masangkay leads a powerful exploration of diaspora, gender nonconformity, queerness, disability, chronic illness, abuse, and love. 

Dusk arrives once a day.

Dark ends the day with a slow kiss on the horizon.

She and I know this feeling.

Directed and produced by Nic Masangkay
Audio produced by Nic Masangkay and recorded by Camelia Jade Lazenby
Poetry written and performed by Nic Masangkay
Music written and performed by Nic Masangkay, Falon Sierra, Guayaba, and Rhemic

Cover art collage by Lourdez Velasco
Live visuals by Kame Hou$e
Live sound and lights by Keny Dutton
Film footage by Zora Seboulisa and Ace Wilson
Full "Forever" music video filmed and edited by Zora Seboulisa
Additional film editing by Nic Masangkay

Live footage by Ariel Advincula

DARK AT DUSK: The Final Suicide

was made possible in part by...

Jack Straw Cultural Center Artist Support Program
Gay City Arts
4Culture Arc Artist Fellowship

Special thanks to Distinction Music Management

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