Who gets to be a pop star? 


Why can't it be me? Why can't it be you?


My popstarXperience messes with the traditional definition of "pop star." Why can't a pop star be Filipino? Sick and disabled? Queer and trans? Fat and chubby? Not conventionally attractive? Open about their experiences as a survivor? Transparent about living everyday with trauma? On the asexual and aromantic spectrum? Struggling financially? Anti-capitalist? Into their erotic power? BE THEIR OWN FANS' BIGGEST FAN?


Multiply-marginalized people deserve applause just for existing. 


My personal popstarXperience…


Carries the storyteller traditions of my lineage into today’s context


Transforms fear into love; intimate to universal


Loves freely and abundantly; relationships that are specific to each person; platonic, sexual, and/or romantic connections that are fluid; chosen families that use empowerment to combat oppression and transform pain


Celebrates my femininity and Babaylan ancestors


Honors my sexuality and erotic power


Uses desire to 1) heal trauma and 2) work outside of capitalism


Creates pleasure to sustain self-love and SDQTPOC joy


Generates a pleasure-driven creative practice that subverts capitalist values


Shares my gifts in poetry, music, multimedia, and more because it brings me joy; not because I financially struggle


Continually works in solidarity with Black and Indigenous communities; integrated into my work practice and everyday life


I choose to be a pop star because I believe multiply-marginalized people have the right to be celebrated for our gifts and talents too.


The #popstarXperience is an intimate, FAN4FAN look at thriving as a Filipinx, sick and disabled, queer and trans survivor.




Original music, poetry, & multimedia; 


Experiences, tips, and tricks re: fibromyalgia, PTSD, and schizophrenia;


Surviving trauma; 


Honing my non-binary Filipinx erotic power; 


Healing my relationship to love and sex on the grey ace spectrum.

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