Produced by Dee Kemal

DECEMBER 19, 2018 

MAY 28, 2019: What becomes evident immediately with “Trauma Is a Metaphor” is Masangkay’s mastery of production ...they interweave beats that showcase a background steeped in pop, R&B, and hip-hop, among many other genres. Polyrhythmic bass lines move the lyrical content along in waves of understanding. It’s easier to comprehend these difficult experiences through this music.

Julia Massey, Ball of Wax

MARCH 11, 2019:  The content of the lyrics on “Diaspora Lover” are fraught with heartbreak pertaining to intimate relationships, but quickly expand into what you might imagine someone experiences who doesn’t feel they are at home anywhere. The line “I don’t have a choice except for all of the above” sends chills down my spine.

Julia Massey, Ball of Wax 

FEBRUARY 18, 2019: The producer and songwriter [Nic Masangkay] is known for their collaborations in the Seattle area and unique production style. Constructing songs with other Seattle musicians not only with heart and creativity yet with compassion to create something lasting in the world. Making "Forever" not just a raw story about the uncertainty of the future and the overwhelming concern and joy of loving someone wholly but making “Forever” a testament of a song to survivors.


Sasha Gonzalez, Distinction Music Management

SEPTEMBER 21, 2018:  This powerful duo has really put out an epic and current love song. The poppy driven musical stylings of Nic Masangkay and the pure and soulful crooning of Falon Sierra make for a perfect pairing.


Rachel Carson, Distinction Music Management

JANUARY 23, 2017: The whole evening of “Adept” is a powerhouse, from the poetry of Hardy... to the music of Nic Masangkay, whose tweaky synth-pop with overlaid vocals is in the style of Reggie Watts.


Brendan Kiley, The Seattle Times

DECEMBER 27, 2017: CarLarans, Queerspace Magazine

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