PLAYLIST1 is a multimedia playlist put together as a zine. Content is my music, poetry, multimedia, and SW mixed in with other media like live performances, scenes from shows and movies, and songs. Since it’s a PDF link, you can also just view it on your phone 🤩 but I suggest a bigger screen! In this edition, I was looking at how to intimately experience my deepest wounds and then generate peace after. Some artists and works, mixed in with my own, include Drive, Kanye West, Yuna, Khalid, Jason Mraz, Leon Bridges, Euphoria, Marshmello, Desire, Kid Cudi, and Rihanna. I’m experimenting with my art practice and trying to provide some healing in the form of multimedia. Get at me if you wanna try a new way to take in art and media, as well as support an SDQTPOC artist 💕 Much love 💕 


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