Hi all, I’m Nic Masangkay. 

Thank you for visiting this gofundme. I’m an artist of music, poetry, multimedia, and SW. I’m Filipinx, sick and disabled, queer and trans, and a survivor of sexual assault and relationship violence. By my community, I’ve been called “visionary,” “admired,” “hardest working,” “compassionate and caring,” “underrated,” “powerful,” and “life-changing.” 

I am raising money to help with backrent that I owe, fix my car, and secure stability for rent and bills until my current lease ends in March. This would help afford me the longterm overall wellness I deserve just as much as anybody else.

Because of anxiety, depression, CPTSD, and fibromyalgia, I am unable to pursue normative work. Working as a freelance artist is my only viable income. I was already struggling pre-COVID and now catching up becomes more and more insurmountable which in turn affects my health and safety. 

The past couple of years I have worked very hard to recover from a nervous breakdown at 22 years old. Ambushed by repressed memories of child sexual abuse, it led me to isolation, multiple drop-outs from undergrad and grad school, many visits and stays and waits at various hospitals, and a loss of a will to live. 

With a lot of internal work and external support, it’s led me to today: I have healed and gotten to the most stable period of my life. I can now cook and clean for the most part, can connect with people again, and can pursue my artistic passions. However, I still have a ways to go: I struggle with bills and rent and having any money every month which is how I accumulated so much backrent; I still have unhealthy habits that I need to unlearn which affects my well-being; I struggle with difficult, obligatory relationships that bring with them trauma or reminders of trauma; and now this is all exacerbated by unprecedented disaster after unprecedented disaster in 2020. 

Gratitude is the most reliable energy in my life, despite and because of everything I’ve been through. So again, I thank you for visiting this gofundme. Please share with three friends if you can, repost to your networks, and donate if you are able and feel called to support. 

Fierce love, Nic 

P.S. Here are some links to my latest work (cw: flashing lights, sex, violence) 

Sick - https://youtu.be/AKoeTvMG8pU 
New Desire - https://youtu.be/8GTiMA5Hjdw 
Do Not Love (Because the World Is Ending) - https://youtu.be/cX2OZtHQJy0 


Car Repair - $1,500
Back Rent - $1885 
Current rent - $900/month 
Bills - $150/month 

Rent and Bills x 6 months = $6,300 

6 months of stability + back rent paid + car repair 
Total = $9,685 

GOAL = $10,000


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